Development blog

Command list

Dec 17, 2020

Instead of selecting a command before taking an action, the player can now draw a path or move the cursor first, then open the command list to take a context-sensitive action. For example, if the player opens the command list without drawing a path in the move phase, the option to skip the move phase appears, otherwise it’s the command to move that appears.

The command list is also vertical now instead of horizontal and there’s text along with the icons to make the actions more obvious for the player.

Grid tiles

Dec 12, 2020

A lot of the work the past few days have been focused on combat flow and UI.

First, the command bar is mostly hidden now and soon it’ll be completely replaced with something easier to use.

Second, the grid has been reworked. Now there’s grid tiles covering the entire combat arena, and I added colors to the grid tiles so players can see what’s highlighted.

Spawn points

Dec 6, 2020

I added something I call “battle definitions,” which lets me define what battles look like in a Unity asset. Currently it’s limited to setting the units’ spawn points, but now it means when the battle starts, the enemy and player units spawn where they’re supposed to!

Starting battles

Nov 28, 2020

I worked on the cutscene system some more. Now, when an NPC sees the player, they walk up to the player, say their dialog, and start the battle.

NPC movement

Nov 22, 2020

I worked on moving NPCs! I also expanded on the cutscene system enough to make the player character turn to face the NPC when they walk up to the player.


Nov 20, 2020

I worked on dialog, so now I can add text and assign who’s speaking from outside the code, and the player can page through text.

World NPCs that want to fight will walk up (well, teleport, it’s not done yet) to the player now when the player is seen. I added a rudimentary cutscene system to move characters around in the world.

Text box

Oct 27, 2020

Since the last time I made a post, I added NPCs to the world and a text box. Now, the player can talk to an NPC by pressing a button while facing them, making a text box appear.

All of the text box elements and the font size scale with the window, so players should have the same experience playing in 720p or 4K.

Next time, I’ll probably work on programming dialog for the NPCs, as the text content is hard-coded right now, and starting battles with enemy NPCs!