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Games for the end of 2021

Dec 31, 2021

Jeff from work asked us all to write about games so I wrote a list of ones I liked in no particular order. I was mainly drawn to personal and multiplayer experiences this year.


I played it with friends and coworkers. We dug up blocks and built structures and talked about things. I don’t have anything else to say about this game.


Uncomplicated adventure game about a frog looking for tea. I didn’t finish it but it’s really cute!


Abstract floaty movement puzzle game by the creator of Knytt Stories. I think it’s supposed to be meditative but I found the larger levels too stressful. Still, it’s interesting and innovative and you should play it!

Milk inside a bag etc.

A visual novel about anxiety, think it took me about 5 minutes to complete it. It’s dark but I had good feelings after playing this game, don’t want to spoil anything. There’s a sequel apparently but I haven’t played that one.


It was fun! I played it with my friends. I died a lot.

Guilt Free

I technically played this late last year but I really liked this game. A short visual novel but with point-and-click elements, about a relationship with someone with an eating disorder.

Day Repeat Day

Literally the saddest match-3 game. There’s plenty of games that satirize work, but this one feels personal which I appreciated.

Gartic Phone etc.

Games I played with Discord friends: Gartic Phone, Among Us, Jackbox, and Apex Legends.


My coworkers introduced this game to me! I enjoyed playing it with them and I think it’s funny how much of it was directly inspired by Halo. Master Chief Collection was still good this year too.

BattleBlock Theater

Really silly co-op platformer. I played this back on Xbox but my friend and I played it again this year and I just wanted to remind everyone that this game exists.

Happy New Year’s Eve. ♡